Brockton Pavilion

Stanley Park Vancouver

Brockton Pavilion, Stanley Park Vancouver

Set amidst the lush green beauty of Stanley park, the Brockton Cricket & Rugby Pavilion at Brockton Oval is the perfect location. Operated as a private facility, the pavilion is home to The Evergreens RFC, The BC Mainland Cricket League and The Vancouver Rugby Union.

The charming Tudor style lounge and bar and the more modern Hall of Fame can be booked for your event. Please contact us for details. Take in the great views of the cricket and rugby pitches, north shore mountains and the inner harbour with planes taking off across the skyline of downtown Vancouver. Come and enjoy over 100 years of our sporting history memorabilia.

Sporting Roots Run Deep

By 1891, assisted by teams of oxen, the Brockton Point Athletic Club cleared this site and turned it into the city’s first outdoor athletic facility. Sports have been part of the park’s social fabric ever since. These athletic grounds have hosted a variety of sporting events, including high wheeled cycle racing, field hockey, tennis, lacrosse, baseball, soccer, track & field, and archery.