Brockton Pavilion

Stanley Park Vancouver

Brockton Oval Clubhouse

Athletic fields at Brockton Point Stanley Park were first opened in 1891 serving as many as 10 different sport groups. First built in 1927 and strategically located between the rugby and cricket fields, the Brockton Clubhouse received a major restoration in 1984 when both sport groups joined forces to save this early landmark. Today it is the centre of club activities and it’s also available for limited public rentals, call 604.681.0640 or email for more information.


Vancouver Cricket Club was officially formed in 1889 and thus officially cricket was begun in this area. In fact, cricket was being played here as soon as the British began to populate British Columbia in the 1850’s. Historical records indicate Brockton Point Cricket Club was one of the 7 founding member clubs of the B.C. Mainland Cricket League in 1914.

Continuing throughout the 1930’s, cricket was one of the most popular games in Vancouver. Crowds of over 200 people were at all regular league games and crowds ranging from 2,000 – 3,000 came out to watch the Australians and MCC sides.

Cricket in Vancouver has slowly developed from four or five teams in the early 1900’s to the present day when there are 43 teams playing in five divisions.

The Brockton Point ground is the prettiest upon which it has been my pleasure to play. It is really a magnificent setting, and I wish that some of our more important games …could be played under these ideal circumstances.

Don Bradman

cricket player, 1948

Evergreen RFC

The Evergreens celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2002 with the highlight being a very successful tour of Japan. The next two tours were to South America – Chile and Argentina in October 2004 and Argentina and Uruguay in September 2006. The teams last tour took them to New Zealand in March/April of 2009.

There have been ten presidents during the history of the Evergreens: Graham Budge, Grant Larkin, Roly Witt, Norman Jack, Gary Fumano, John Podmore, Doug Dersch, George Sim , Brett Hay and the incumbent, Mark Ward.

What started as a “pick-up” team to accommodate a touring team has evolved into a very active and dynamic group of rugby enthusiasts, still eager to play themselves, but still committed to supporting the grass roots growth and development of the game. Today the club plays a full schedule of games with Over 40 and Over 50 teams. And, when necessary, an excellent Over 60 team can take the field.

Increasingly, the Evergreens became more involved in supporting mainstream rugby throughout British Columbia and Canada. For many years they organized and sponsored the annual Rugby Cup for fifteen and seven aside tournaments; were the originators and driving force behind the refurbishing of the Brockton Clubhouse in 1984.